The newly established Clinical Skill Laboratory (CSL) of Fazaia Medical College, Air University serves to develop and enhance the skills of MBBS Medical Students that relate to their clinical training. It also impart the concepts of patients and self-safety. The students avail this facility for their Clinical training. Demonstration by the facilitator, student self-practice, supervisors feedback, debriefing and student reflection help to gain the required clinical/procedural skills that improve the performance of the students before they are exposed to real life scenarios in hospital clinical departments.

In CSL environment, the students have a chance for practicing on manikins for their Medical, Surgical, Obstetrics, Cardiac, Paediatric, Eye and ENT subjects. The facilitators help the students to learn the required set of skills and brief them about the procedure with clinical case scenarios. These activities are followed by regular assessments of students.


S.NoNameDepartment Quantity
1.Basic Life Support & First AidMedicine01
2.Adult ACLS Manikin with Feedback System01
3.Advanced venue puncture & injection Arm01
4.Arterial Puncture Arm01
5.Injection Arm01
6.Geriatric IV Arm01
7.Training AID light Skin01
8.Advanced Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid Latex Free – Darkly Pigmented01
9.Buttockmate I.M Injection01
10.Phlebotomy Sampling01
11.Intramuscular Injections01
12.Nasogastric Tube Insertion01
13.Software of Heart Sounds & Breath  Sounds01
14.Smart Scope ( Manikin ) Heart Sounds &Breath  Sounds01
15.Endotracheal Tube  Intubation01
16.Adult Sternal Intraosseous Infusion Simulator01
17.Human Heart Model01
18.Deluxe Crisis™ Torso With Advanced Airway Management01
19.Blood Pressure Trainer01
20.Median Section Head01
21.Airway Management Trainer04
22.Economy Adult Airway01
23.Diabetic Infection Practice KIT Brown01
24.Advanced Patients Care Male & Female01
25.Patient Care Manikin Basic01
26.Skin Cancer Model with 5 Stages, 8 times magnified01
27.Advance vein venipuncture01
28.Endotracheal Intubation Simulator01
29.Male Catheterization and  Female CatheterizationSurgery


30.Catheterization Simulator Advanced01
31.Tracheostomy Simulator01
32.Breast Examination01
33.Casualty Simulator01
34.Chest Tube Manikin01
35.Ostomy Care Model02
36.Abdominal Trainer01
37.Suture Techniques01
38.Testicular Examination Simulator01
39.Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator01
40.Central Venous Cannulation Simulator01
41.Suture & Practice Trainer01
42.NG Tube Insertion Trainer01
43.Peter PICC Lines Simulator01
44.Spinal Injection Simulator01
45.Chester Chest™ with Port Access Arm, Light Skin01
46.Prostate Examination Simulator01
47.Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer (CMPT) Mk 2 – Advanced01
48.Knot Tying Trainer01
49.Pap SmearObs&Gynae01
50.Pelvic Examination01
51.Vaginal Examination Simulator01
52.Birthing Simulator01
53.Cervical Dilatation And Effacement Simulators01
54.Black Pelvis04
55.Zoe Pelvis04
56.Episiotomy Set With Box08
57.Full Body Manikins04
58.Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Torso01
59.Vaginal Examination simulator01
60.NOELLE Maternal and Neonatal Simulation System01
61.Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis04
62.Neonatal ResuscitationPeads01
63.Basic Crisis Infant01
64.Child CPR Manikins With Blue Tooth01
65.Infant CPR Manikin With Blue Tooth01
66.Infant Airway Trainer01
67.Infant Baby05
68.Full Child Body Manikin03
69.Advanced Infant, Intubation Head with Board01
70.Intubation Head infant01
71.Larynx ModelENT


72.Functional Larynx Model01
73.Ear Model01
74.Ear Examination Simulator01
75.Nose With Paranasal Sinuses, 5-Part01
76.Gian Ear Advance Version, 3 times life-size 6-part01
77.Human Ear Chart01
78.Double sided Brain Section01
79.Human Eye Model, 5 Times Full-Size, 8 PartEye


80.3b Microanatomy™ Human Eye Model01
81.Human Eye Model, 5 Times Full-Size, 12 Part01
82.Human Eye Chart02
83.Physical Eye Model02
84.Model Eye for Ultrasonic Biometry01
85.Pathological Human Eye Model01
86.Ophthosim™ Ophthalmoscopy Training01
87.Classic Eye, 3 Times Full Size, 6- Part01
88.Giant Eye, 5 times Full size, 6-part01
89.Giant Eye in Base of Bony Orbit, 5 times Full Size, 7-part01
90.Classic Eye in Orbit, 3 times Full-size, 7-part01
91.Classic Eye, 3 times Full-size 6 part01


S.NoProcedures Available
    1.Basic Life Support & First Aid
    2.Adult ACLS Manikin with Feedback System
    3.Advanced venue puncture & injection Arm
    4.Arterial Puncture Arm
    5.Injection Arm
    6.Geriatric IV Arm
    7.Training AID light Skin
    8.Advanced Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid Latex Free – Darkly Pigmented
    9.Buttockmate I.M Injection
 10.Phlebotomy Sampling
 11.Intramuscular Injections
 12.Nasogastric Tube Insertion
 13.Software of Heart Sounds & Breath  Sounds
 14.Smart Scope ( Manikin ) Heart Sounds &Breath  Sounds
 15.Endotracheal Tube  Intubation
 16.Adult Sternal Intraosseous Infusion Simulator
 17.Human Heart Model
 18.Deluxe Crisis™ Torso With Advanced Airway Management
 19.Blood Pressure Trainer
 20.Median Section Head
 21.Airway Management Trainer
 22.Economy Adult Airway
 23.Diabetic Infection Practice KIT Brown
 24.Advanced Patients Care Male & Female
 25.Patient Care Manikin Basic
 26.Skin Cancer Model with 5 Stages, 8 times magnified
 27.Advance vein venipuncture
 28.Endotracheal Intubation Simulator
 29.Male Catheterization and  Female Catheterization
 30.Catheterization Simulator Advanced
 31.Tracheostomy Simulator
 32.Breast Examination
 33.Casualty Simulator
 34.Chest Tube Manikin
 35.Ostomy Care Model
 36.Abdominal Trainer
 37.Suture Techniques
 38.Testicular Examination Simulator
 39.Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator
 40.Central Venous Cannulation Simulator
 41.Suture & Practice Trainer
 42.NG Tube Insertion Trainer
 43.Peter PICC Lines Simulator
 44.Spinal Injection Simulator
 45.Chester Chest™ with Port Access Arm, Light Skin
 46.Prostate Examination Simulator
 47.Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer (CMPT) Mk 2 – Advanced
 48.Knot Tying Trainer
 49.Pap Smear
 50.Pelvic Examination
 51.Vaginal Examination Simulator
 52.Birthing Simulator
 53.Cervical Dilatation And Effacement Simulators
 54.Black Pelvis
 55.Zoe Pelvis
 56.Episiotomy Set With Box
 57.Full Body Manikins
 58.Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Torso
 59.Vaginal Examination simulator
 60.NOELLE Maternal and Neonatal Simulation System
 61.Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis
 62.Neonatal Resuscitation
 63.Basic Crisis Infant
 64.Child CPR Manikins With Blue Tooth
 65.Infant CPR Manikin With Blue Tooth
 66.Infant Airway Trainer
 67.Infant Baby
 68.Full Child Body Manikin
 69.Advanced Infant, Intubation Head with Board
 70.Intubation Head infant
 71.Giant Eye With Eyelid And Lachrymal System, 5 Times Full-Size, 8-Part
 72.Microanatomy Eye
 73.Pathological Eye – Enlarged 5 Times
 74.Eye, 5 Times Full-Size, 12-Part
 75.Physical Eye Model
 76.Colored Eye Chart
 77.Model Eye For Ultrasound Biometry
 78.Model eye for Indirect Ophthalmoscope & Retinoscope Ophthosim™ Ophthalmoscopy Training
 79.Classic Eye, 3 Times Full Size, 6- Part
 80.Giant Eye, 5 times Full size, 6-part
 81.Giant Eye in Base of Bony Orbit, 5 times Full Size, 7-part
 82.Classic Eye in Orbit, 3 times Full-size, 7-part
 83.Classic Eye, 3 times Full-size 6 part
 84.Larynx Model
 85.Functional Larynx Model
 86.Ear Model
 87.Ear Examination Simulator
 88.Nose With Paranasal Sinuses, 5-Part
 89.Gian Ear Advance Version, 3 times life-size 6-part
 90.Human Ear Chart
 91.Double sided Brain Section


The guidelines facilitate learning of students, staff and faculty and promote safety of all participants and the workplace. It is expected that everyone involved in these experiences adheres to these policies and guidelines to ensure safety of equipment and themselves.

The following guidelines for the smooth running of CSL and Simulation lab are presented and the students are expected to follow these.

  • All students are directed to keep all their belongings in the room.
  • • They are strictly prohibited to write anything on the manikins, tables, walls and blends etc.
  • • Needles and blades used in skills lab should not be reused and should be disposed of in the nearest sharps container.
  • • Stethoscopes and torches will not be provided in the laboratory and will be arranged by the students themselves.
  • • Lights should be turned off upon leaving the lab area, and doors securely pulled up and locked.
  • • The exterior of the manikins and task trainers in the skills lab are to be cleaned with mild soap and water, rinsed and dried after every use.
  • • All tubes, catheters, dressings, tape, etc. must be removed and the area cleaned appropriately upon completion of simulated exercises.
  • • Manikins are to be left on the tables and not moved unless directed by the activity facilitator.
  • • All injection pads need to be squeezed of any fluid and left to dry.
  • • All drainage bags must be emptied, disposed of or cleaned appropriately for later use. All chairs should be pushed under the tables.
  • • Students are not to be left unattended by faculty or staff at any time.
  • • The doors to skills lab should be locked at all times when not in use.
  • • A first aid kit will be available all the time in the skill lab to be used in case of any injury to the student or faculty. The CSL coordinator will report all incident report to the in charge CSL on regular basis.
  • • No food and drinks will be allowed in the skill lab. Students, staff and faculty must be aware that some of the equipment in the skill lab contains latex. Those with a known sensitivity or allergy to latex should contact the Director Medical Education. All users who suffer from a latex sensitivity / allergy should familiarize themselves with the policy and take precautions while using or handling latex parts by wearing non-latex gloves. Unauthorized persons are not allowed in the labs at any time.
  • • The CSL all halls from within and all 4th floor has CCTV monitoring and recording


Department of Medicine

Heart Sounds

1Software of heart sounds( Video )
2Smart Scope ( Manikin ) heart sounds

Procedures Videos/ Manikins

1Male catheterization
2Female catheterization

Breath Sounds

1Software of Breath sounds( Normal & abnormal )
2Smart Scope ( Manikin ) Breath sounds

Procedures Videos/ Manikin

1I/v injection & sampling
2I/M Injection

Procedures Videos Surgery

1Basic forearm circular cast
2Gloving, gowning & surgical scrub
3Scrubbing ( scrub Unit )
4Surgical Knot
5Common faults
6Knot typing two handed/td>
7Instrument tied reef knot
8Abscess incision & drainage
9Assessment of peripheral Arterial disease
10Arthocentesis of Knee
11Basic splinting technique
12Basic laceration repair
13Instrument handling
14Mattress suture
15One handed reef Knot
16Surgical technique
17Burn Model


Examination Videos

1Chest tube insertion Pediatrics
2IM injection for Newborn
3Intraosseus catheter placement in children
4Iv injection Peadiatrics
5Liver Biopsy
6Male child catheterization procedure
7Nasogastric Tube Placement and Feeding Pediatric
8Paediatric Endotracheal Intubation
9Paediatric Laryngeal mask airway insertion
10Pediatric Lumbar puncture
11Pediatric Nasopharyngeal Airway
12Pediatric Oropharyngeal Airway Insertion
14Umbilical Cord Care
15Umbilical Vascular Canalizacion
16Signs Of dehyration in diarrhea
17Signs Of Respiratory Distress
18the pediatric clinical examination
1918 month child mile stone
20Emergency & Resuscitation
21Surgical KnotNeonatal reflexes and examination videos
22Pediatric Clinical examination
23Abdominal examination
24Deep tendon reflexes
25General physical examination part 1
26General physical examination part 2
27General physical examination part 3
28General physical examination part 4
30Muscle strength

Gynae & Obstetric

Examination Videos

1forceps delivery
2Vaccuum delivery
3Mechanism Of Labour Normal & Abnormal
4Anesthesia & Scrubbing videos
6Ectopic Pregnancy
7Female genital anatomy
8Fibroid video
9Ovarian cyst video
10Polycystic Ovarian Disease Laparoscopy Video
11Pelvic examination
12B-lynch suture
14D & C
15Endometrial biopsy video
16Female Catheterization
18Pap Smear procedure video
19Tubal ligation video
20Diagnostic Pelvic Laparoscopy Exam
21Endometrial Biopsy of the Uterus
22Laparoscopic blue dye tubal patency test
23Laparoscopy Procedure introduction
25Vaginal hysterectomy with cystocele mesh repair and mini-sling procedure
26Fetal medicine
28Amniotic fluid sampling
29Caesarean Section
30Shoulder Dysctocia
31Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)
32Uterine inversion
33pipelle biopsy
34Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
35D and C diagram and commentary
36Pap Smear procedure video
37Tubal ligation video
38Diagnostic Pelvic Laparoscopy Exam
39Endometrial Biopsy of the Uterus
40Laparoscopic blue dye tubal patency test
41Laparoscopy Procedure introduction
43Vaginal hysterectomy with cystocele mesh repair and mini-sling procedure
44Fetal medicine
46Amniotic fluid sampling
47Caesarean Section
48Shoulder Dysctocia
49Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)/td>
50Uterine inversion
51pipelle biopsy
52Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
53D and C diagram and commentary

Procedures Videos

S.NoName of Procedures
1Abscess incision & Drainage
2Assessment of peripheral Arterial disease
3Arthocentesis of the Knee
6Basic laceration repair
7Basic forearm circular cast
8Basic splinting technique
9Blood pressure measurement
10Bone marrow aspiration & biopsy
11Bone marrow transplant
12Central venous catheterization (Manikin )
13Chest tube insertion
15Diagnosis Oitis media otoscopy
16Endometrial Biopsy
18Female catheterization (manikin )
19Fine needle aspiration (Thyroid)
20Gloving & Gowning & surgical scrub ( Scrub Unit )
21Instrument handling
22Instrument tied reef Knot
23I/V Cannulation & Sampling (Manikin )
24I/M Injection (manikin )
25Knot tying two handed
26Lumbar puncture (manikin )
27Mattress suture ( boards)
28Male catheterization (manikin )
29Nasogastric tube intubation (manikin )
30One –handed reef Knot
31Orotracheal intubation ( Manikin )
32Placement of Femoral venous catheter
33Placement of Arterial line
34Positive –Pressure ventilation with face mask
35Scrubbing ( scrub Unit )
36Subcuticular suture
37Surgeon Knot & common faults
38Suturing technique