Fazaia Medical College was formally established on 16th March, 2015 and was inaugurated in December, 2015 with the start of first academic year. The college is located in the premises of Air University in a secure and scenic environment of PAF Complex E-9 and Margalla foothills. It is built on an atrium concept of architecture to ensure a conducive and congenial environment for education. The college has highly qualified and well experienced faculty. The college is equipped with state of the art laboratories, departmental museums, spacious and well equipped lecture halls & tutorial rooms, well stocked library, digital library, auditorium, campus wide Wi-Fi facility and standby power source.


Basic Sciences

The basic sciences are a key component of most medical college curriculums. They underpin medical students’ knowledge and understanding of the human body, disease, and associated therapies.

Clinical Sciences

At FMC, the faculty of Clinical Sciences (Medicine & Allied and Surgery &Allied) are committed to the provision of high-quality, evidence-based patient care and educating the next generation of health care professionals. Our ultimate goal is to improve the health and well-being of the populations that we serve.

Medical Education

An important function of Medical Education department is to help prepare the teaching staff with the necessary skills to undertake effectively their roles as medical teachers.

Clinical Skill and Communication

The skills lab in FMC is equipped with all the facilities that can help students learn and master the skills needed to interact effectively with patients. These include instruments used on a daily basis in wards to state of the art manikins.


Our mission is to serve the healthcare needs of the community in general and of PAF personnel in particular by producing healthcare practitioners of the highest international standards giving due consideration to our cultural and ethical norms with a penchant for research


The Aim of the college is to produce medical graduates of international standards by providing quality medical education and ensure provision of state of the art healthcare facilities to the social strata of Pakistan


  • To contribute to the national and PAF pool of healthcare professionals by providing quality medical education to the aspiring students
  • To create an opportunity for medical students for their intellectual, spiritual, emotional, cultural & physical development, in order to get groomed as holistic medical professionals
  • To provide equal opportunities to expatriates to avail best possible medical education in the safe and conducive environment of the PAF
  • To enhance standards of medical care with comprehensive use of facilities available in the PAF teaching hospital, for the benefit of both, the entitled personnel as well as the Civilian Non Entitled (CNE) community

Message from the Principal



It gives me great pleasure and honour to assume the responsibilities of Principal Fazaia Medical College. The college is going through the initial stage of its journey and its first batch of students is preparing for the final professional examination. I can see the foundation of proud Fazaia Medical College alumni being laid. I am sure that first batch will be the flag bearer and will set great traditions for the juniors. The founder Principal Maj Gen Salman Ali HI(M) and his team worked hard to start the academics, both in basic sciences and clinical teaching. I take great pride and privilege to continue the same mission of preparing students to help shape the future of healthcare. All the faculty members and myself will try our best to equip our graduates with the professionalism, attitude, expertise, practical skills and requisite outlook needed to lead the health profession and bring the change nationally and globally. We will always carry the core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, conscientiousness, honesty, cultural values, research and academic excellence. I look forward to get regular feed back from all staff, faculty members and students, especially for the evaluation and improvement of teaching and learning environment at Fazaia Medical College.










Maj.Gen.Muhammad Tahir Khadim HI(M) (R)



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