Forensic medicine is the branch of medical science that deals with the application of medical knowledge for the purpose of law. It deals with i all types of medicolegalcertifications ranging from day to day cases of violence of any kind (including sexual violence i.e. rape and sodomy) and also the post mortem reports in cases of suspicious deaths to rule out a foul playand for the establishment of cause of death. It also solves the medicolegal problems like identification, age, sex, nature of injuries,and information from scene of crime, both in living as well as in dead bodies. The subject also incorporates the toxicology which is the knowledge about all commonly available poisons domestic as well as commercial and also includes the poisonous effects of the drugs used for the treatment of various diseases.

The department consists of faculty offices, a purpose built lecture hall with all modern facilities including multimedia, forensic museum and forensic laboratory.

The practical Medicolegal and Autopsy Training of the students will be conducted at PIMS Hospital (Inshallah)

Dr. Anwaar Ahmed

Associate Professor and HOD

Dr. Aneeqa Akhtar


Dr. Alveena Noor